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The pandemic has left many SMEs of different industries in need of a smart technological contactless solution. One such business that needed help was Lim Tayar, a renowned one-stop car servicing centre with a network of retail stores across Klang Valley. Covid-19 created diculties for both employees and customers, and government lockdowns prevented the business from opening back up quickly as it was considered non-essential. The business would eventually welcome customers again, but it needed a well-thought-out plan to turn things around and inspire confidence in their customers and employees so that they would feel safe again with servicing cars in a Lim Tayar outlet.


Lim Tayar needed an experienced digital solutions provider such as Kiple to supply contactless service at every possible touchpoint to help the business recover and create cash flow after lockdown. Kiple recommended the following solutions: 

  1. Single interface to manage all service centres

Through Lim Tayar and Kiple’s partnership, a system was created to enable cashless payments at service centres with the ability to integrate the many outlets within a single interface. This created a seamless online engagement with customers, allowing them to book maintenance appointments online through Lim Tayar’s website.

  1. A unified payment solution

To support cashless payments for both service centres and online store, KiplePay United Payments solution was rolled out and fully integrated within Lim Tayar’s business channels. By consolidating all their customer payments onto a single platform, Lim Tayar was able to streamline transactions for a smoother workflow. 

  1. 1-Click Payment system

Thanks to the KiplePay 1-Click Payment system, employees at the service centres quickly adapted to its simple user interface. This allowed them to keep track of all maintenance-related transactions going in and out with minimal disruption to their existing operations. This seamless system required no additional hardware investment; the 1-click Payment solution could work on mobile phones and regular computers to enable easy payment collections using everyday messaging tools. 

  1. A new convenient booking site

By far the one of the best solutions that KiplePay has provided Lim Tayar to boost business during Covid-19 SOPs has been the new booking site. KiplePay gives customers the flexibility and convenience of making appointments at their preferred outlet, anytime and from anywhere.


By partnering with Kiple, Lim Tayar has been able to bounce back and go the distance during the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Lim Tayar also utilised the information gathered from contactless customer service for targeted communications on discounts and membership drives, resulting an increased business transactions. They can now serve customers more efficiently and effectively, thanks to Kiple by their side.

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